Monday, 8 November 2010

Warner Bros. To Set Up Permanent UK Base

Image: Warner Bros.

Hertfordshire is to get a Hollywood makeover in the coming months as Warner Bros. announced today that it had bought Leavesden Studios - the home of many movies, including the Harry potter films - and plans to redevelop it. The new complex will be the studio’s permanent UK base, and will cost £100m to build.

Warner Bros has stated that the old studio won’t be completely destroyed: the bigwigs across the pond plan to build the new base around the existing facilities, adding new features such as a visitor centre, which will host set tours.

Already boasting a workforce of 1,500 employees, Warner plans to create an additional 300 jobs on the lot, and turn the area into a creative hub for filmmaking in the UK.

The image above illustrates the scale of the studio’s plans, with Warner chief Barry Meyer stating that the acquisition "demonstrates our long-term commitment to, and confidence in, the skills and creativity of the UK film industry".

The Hollywood studio is expected to announce the closure of the deal on Wednesday, with a plan to open the new back-lot in 2012.


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