Friday, 21 January 2011

The New CD Underwear Campaign

Having watched the occasionally funny but severely flawed Green Hornet, I couldn't help but notice how redundant Cameron Diaz is becoming these days. Actually, that statement is slightly ambiguous. Let me rephrase it: she's needed, but she's no longer required to speak.

It's a shame because she used to be an actress (after she was a model). But in recent years she seems to have been demoted back down to modelling underwear. Whether it be boyshorts, bikinis, brassieres or any other form of pant(y)/undergarment, if she's not showing 'em off, the director seems to have no use for her - or not know what to do with her.

Images: FG/Fohnhouse

An image of Diaz in her pants in The Green Hornet was unattainable, and so I've treated you to a sneak peek of her in her upcoming movie instead!


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