Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pain of the Pop-Up Kind

Image: Wikipedia

Who the hell invented the pop-up? We know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, that Mark Zuckerberg unashamedly invented Facebook and that Trey Songz believes he invented sex, but no one wants to step forward (wisely) to claim the nuisance that is the pop-up.

This topic isn't going to be groaned about at length as the pop-up is friend to few; however, in a world strangled by advertising, can't man just enjoy [POP-UP] a few minutes surfing the World Wide Web without [POP-UP] interruption?

We can't take it anymore. It's far from amusing - although chief pop-up is somewhere peeing itself with laughter while running for mayor of persistence. The more you hit the "x", the stronger they come back. Rare are the days of random pop-up play when you open a new window. It's now all about the waiting game. They sit in the corners, masquerading as harmless ads, but quickly reveals their true colours as soon as the cursor runs over them, the cheeky motherpoppers.

We haven't always been pop blockers. Bring back the good old days, we say, when pop-ups were just good old-fashioned page-turners...

(Hmm, an alien? Really?!)

Images: somethingawful.com


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