Monday, 31 January 2011

Black Dynamite (2010)

Blaxploitation at its best

Image: Icon Entertainment International
Having sat through an endless number of black films over the past couple of years that have amounted to very little, expectations for this movie were, honestly, as high as my knees. However... just under 2 hours and many ass-whuppings later, it would be fairer to say that this is one of the best black films i’ve seen in a long while. And it really has been too long.
Taking its lead from blaxploitation flicks, Black Dynamite follows an ex-CIA agent on the hunt for his brother’s killer. As well as searching for “The Man”, he’s also hell-bent on rebuilding the neighbourhood, and ridding it of all the things that seem to be shrinking its population!
From beginning to end you’re hooked. It’s a meticulous spectacle that showcases the talents of accomplished martial artist, and actor, Michael Jai White, who also created the character of Black Dynamite. White’s knowledge of the blaxploitation genre and black community is evident as he personifies all that is wrong, yet clearly so right with not only the oh-so-smooth, soul blaring, afro wearing, jive talking ‘70s, but modern society, too. How much does cream corn cost these days, around 50 cent? Ludacris!
Go check out this film; it’s funny as a motherf***er. That’s right. You heard me, bitches!
A fitting homage to life as some still know it.

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