Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son (2011)

Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-NO!

Image: 20th Century Fox

10 years after Martin Lawrence brought us the momma of all disguises, in the form of a sassy, overweight grandmother, he's back in Hattie Mae's shoes (for the third time) for more shenanigans, but this time, the FBI agent has brought along his stepson for the hip-hopping ride.

After witnessing a murder on a stakeout, agent Malcolm and his stepson, Trent (Brandon T. Jackson), are forced to hide out in an all-girls performing arts school. Donning his alter-ego fat suit - with Trent posing equally as the "big-boneded" Charmaine, the pair must find the killer before it's too late. Cue very little to do with catching a killer but what could actually be compared to films in the vein of Fame - if suffering from some kind of hearing impairment.

Trent wants to be a rapper and so most of the sequences are centered around him showcasing his "talent". He infiltrates the girls' group in order to obtain secret information to help Malcolm's case, but, like in all teenage musical dramas (the film awkwardly wants to sell itself in this genre), ends up falling for a fellow student (N.B.: their union is sealed with quite possibly the worst "improvised" tune in the history of film).

Lawrence is lazy in his role, opting for puns he thinks are funny as opposed to lines that genuinely are, and Jackson is obviously required for the storyline - and look oddly feminine as Charmaine - but doesn't bring the jolt necessary to revive this dead/dying franchise, or move it in a new direction - what producers are hoping for.

A bad momma jamma



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