Friday, 11 March 2011

Please (Do) Stop The Music

Image: Sony

Usually, I don’t pay much attention to the words of; I’m a fan of the Black Eyed Peas but often find the frontman’s egocentric temperament too much to bear. However, watching Lorraine this morning, I was informed about his outrage over the posthumous release of the 10-track Michael album - of previously unreleased MJ material. I, for one of many, I’m certain, share his view. Unlike the Black Eyed Pea, I wasn’t a friend of the late, great moonwalker; however, I do believe that it’s not what the King of Pop would have wanted. Having grown up listening to Jackson’s music, and seen reels of footage of the star on tour, in the studio, being interviewed, and chilling with bubbles, it’s evident that the man was a nutty perfectionist, and a meticulous performer, wanting to get the best out of each and every endeavour; endeavours that, pretty much from the get-go, produced hits such as Billie Jean, I Want You Back, Remember the Time, Thriller and Butterflies. Although I merely highlighted a few tracks from an exceptional back catalogue, naming his songs is easy; it’s like counting up to 3… Oh. Sorry. I almost went off on a different track there! Back to
Wasn't Jackson’s previous body of work enough? he argues. It is enough. Contemporary artists can only dream of having such a repertoire of songs in 40 years time, in which almost every hit has stood the test of time (sorry Michael, but Susie is no closer to getting my number than she was in ’97!).
Irrespective of Jackson’s private shenanigans, he was a musical genius, who left a inimitable impression on the world. Every record released with his seal of approval is an album for the grandkids. And I haven’t yet had a kid! So Sony, please, put a folk in it, the poor man’s dead. We don’t need anymore music. Leave him alone, damn it. Just stop doggin’ him around – as he’ll no doubt be rolling in his grave.

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