Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Real-Life Transformers

Image: Caters

Is it a man? Is it a robot? Well, actually, it's both!

It's not often real-life imitates special effects - if ever - but on this occasion we've been treated.

Taking his cue from the popular Transformers franchise, a Californian dude by the name of Drew Beaumier has done what no man has ever dared (or bothered) to do and turned himself into a robot disguised as a car.

Speaking about his transformation, Beaumier said: "I was struggling for money, working a few rubbish bar jobs and then it hit me - make a Transformer costume and go and entertain all the tourists."

We can't say it's a thought that would hit us after a hard day at the office, or an idea that even ignites our engine, but apparently "chicks find it sexy".

Check out his transformation below and please do let us know if he's got the sex factor.


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