Monday, 14 March 2011

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky (2010)

A peek into the love life of the acclaimed designer.

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Prior to the release of the Chanel biopics, we could only wonder about the life of the creator of one of the world’s most iconic brands. Then, in sashays Anne Fontaine with a feature-length introduction to the legend that was Coco, before Chanel.
In spite of the ability and appeal of French beauty Audrey Tautou, the result of the introduction was mediocre. While we got a snapshot of a moment in time, the moment focused heavily on the designer’s personal struggle, which, although touching, was not quite what we had in mind; Coco was, after all, a pioneering fashionista. Where were the clothes?
Well, fast-forward a year and we have a second offering of Coco pie on the table, only this time it’s during Chanel, and focuses on her love affair with Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The result… a harsher, unsentimental, exceedingly formal portrayal, that still, can’t possibly, do the late lady justice. In addition, the film is unjustifiably long, which has helped form this sluggish, marathon movie.
Coco and Igor often make ‘sweet music’ during the course of the film, but having witnessed this, they really ought to have stuck to playing their own instruments; Igor thrashing away at his piano is far more rousing, and is one of the film’s highlights. But, with no clothes in sight, still, and only a few minutes dedicated to perfume, Coco and Igor is, ultimately, a bit of a bore. You’ll probably have more fun watching tortoises move at 0.3 miles an hour.
Not bad, but it won’t stand alongside Coco as one of the greats.

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