Tuesday, 12 April 2011

6 Things We Learnt From Watching The Model Agency

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The seven-part series about the world of modeling through the eyes of one of the top model agencies in the world has ended. While we’re not all that sad about it, we did learn a few things from those folks at Premier (the agency) and so we thought we’d share our findings with you - because we know you’d all be so interested!

1. Models are usually discovered around the age of 13 and looked after by an agency that helps them grow into beautiful swans, ready for runways and fashion shoots. We would like to say "helps them grow into supermodels" but, let’s face it, those Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista days are well and truly over.

2. Scouts go for younger girls because their bodies haven’t developed yet (sounds perverted, we know). At a young age, girls are able to remain thin, naturally, eating whatever they like without having to worry about gaining weight. They naturally have no curves. As a girl matures, breasts and backsides start to come into play. That’s why, often, the career span of a high fashion model is short.

3. It would be worth looking in a mirror before approaching an agency. Just because your mother, father or friend tells you that you could be a model, it doesn’t mean it’s true, and often isn’t. Models usually tower above regular folk, at around the 6-foot mark, and look like creatures from another planet. In other words, if you’re not an avatar (minus the blue skin) forget about high fashion.

Fohnhouse has to disagree with this point, however, having attended a few fashion shows. The models all appear tall, but they are all sporting very high (Jimmy) shoes.

4. If you're not uber tall and wafer-thin there’s still hope if you aspire to be a model. Modeling is not all about being on the cover of Vogue and landing that haute couture runway show during fashion week, there's also commercial modeling. You still can make a lot of money (even more than high fashion models), but you won’t necessarily be mingling with the likes of Lagerfeld - and generally, anyone with hips and a bust bigger than a B cup should explore this route, i.e., catalogues and e-commerce. It's actually how the agency makes most of its money.

5. When Naomi Campbell was on the books at Premier, the agency's founder, Carole White, took her under her wing and treated her like a daughter; at one point Campbell even called White "mum". The pair have since fallen out - something to do with owed royalties and a certain blood diamonds trial. 

Also, as demanding as Campbell is, and as hard as it is for black girls to make it in the industry (especially with the recession), the fashion world is still waiting for the next Naomi. 


6. Men model too, did you know that?!


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