Monday, 27 June 2011

The Beaver (2011)

Man against the machine.

Image: Fohnjang Ghebdinga/Fohnhouse

Starring the notorious but not-so-lethal weapon Mel Gibson, The Beaver tells the tale of Walter Black, a suicidal man who attempts to rebuild his life and reconnect with his family with the aid of a real diamond geezer a.k.a. a puppet, which he finds and begins wearing on his left arm, and subsequently uses to communicate with everyone around him, much to the annoyance of his eldest son and wife (Jodie Foster).

Foster's directorial debut is entertaining enough and boosts a committed, solid performance from Mel Gibson. The kids are all alright too! Foster's stern exterior, however, makes it hard for you to connect with the Matriarch. Overall, The Beaver would have been a huge triumph as a short film, but with a running time of 90 minutes, the premise becomes rather implausible by the end as The Beaver inevitably suffers from overexposure. 



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