Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Same Script, Different Cast

With another new dance movie about to pop-lock it to the big screen (Honey 2), Fohnhouse got to thinking about the countless number of urban dance flicks that have come out of Hollywood this side of the millennium. While these sexy little dance numbers may get some hot under the collar, we couldn’t help but notice this new era of rhythmical repetition.
Save The Last Dance
Image: Paramount Pictures

The movie that spawned a new golden age and catapulted the ‘same script, different cast’ concept into the limelight.
Same script: A ballet dancer with a tragic past moves to the ghetto where she meets, and eventually falls for, LL Cool Derek (after he teaches her how to bump ‘n’ grind!). With a hip hop here and a rond de jambe there, the pair overcome interracial obstacles to achieve their dreams.
Different cast: Sean Patrick Thomas plays the ambitious yet street-smart male lead, while Julia Stiles takes on the role of the awakened ballerina. Getting down to Biggie Smalls in 10 Things I Hate About You obviously paid off!
Image: Universal Pictures
Same script: A broke dance teacher living in the ghetto dreams of being a professional choreographer, but can’t get a break. She gets a chance, however, when she’s spotted by a big-time producer, but is fired for declining his sexual advances. With no money, and a crumbling dance studio to deal with, Honey is forced to find a way to conquer all.
Different cast: Dark Angel Jessica Alba plays the honey, while Mekhi Phifer plays the love interest, who, thankfully, has a homie who can help a honey out.
You Got Served
Image: Screen Gems
Same script: Two best friends dream of making it big in the music industry, but in order to accomplish this they must defeat the baddest dance crews in the land. With money on the line – AND a career launching cameo in a Lil’ Kim music video – the boys must work out their differences in order to defeat the Californian crews.
Different cast: A couple of kids who used to be in African-American boy bands play the leads, while the girl from My Wife and Kids plays the sister of one, and the lover of the other.
Take The Lead
Image: New Line Cinema
Same script: A group of misunderstood youths, who have been placed in detention for the rest of the year, are whipped into shape by their sexy Spanish supervisor, who happens to know a thing or twenty about Latin and ballroom dance.
Different cast: Antonio Banderas is the teacher with the hot moves, while the dude from Finding Forrester, a girl from America’s Next Top Model, Miles from Moesha, Rufio from Hook, and the female lead in Step Up portray the troubled teens.
Save The Last Dance 2
Image: Paramount Home Entertainment
Same script: The sequel sees Sara, who is now in Julliard, conflicted over her love of hip-hop and ballet; she enjoys the traditional dance of ballet, but LL Cool D taught her so many sexy hip-hop moves, she doesn’t know what to do – and her life is made even more complicated when she falls for another hip-hopper. What’s a girl to do? Well, obviously, realise that as long as you believe in yourself, destiny will lead you down the right path. Duh!
Different cast: Stiles was too expensive at the point and so any blonde will (did) do.
Step Up
Image: Buena Vista Pictures
Same script: A hot performing arts student falls for the sexy, troubled caretaker, whose fortunes change when he’s admitted to the school after is it revealed that he, too, can bust-a-move.
Different cast: Channing Tatum plays the underprivileged bad boy and Jenna Dewan embodies the ballerina. Banderas taught you well!
Stomp The Yard
Image: Screen Gems
Same script: A gang member must change his ways, with the help of a lovely lady friend, and become the man his dead brother would be proud of. This is achieved through...you guessed it, dancing. Or "stomping" for the cool kids. 
Different cast: Meagan Good plays the headmaster’s daughter, while Columbus Short slides from Step Up 2 over to this equally irrelevant movie to play the male lead. If it helps, R ’n’ B crooner Chris Brown is in it, too. Yeah 3 times?
Step Up  2: The Streets
Image: Walt Disney Studios
Same script: A girl with a painful past pursues her dream of becoming a professional street dancer, whilst juggling an unhappy home life, her happening street life, and the conventional love life.
Different cast: Briana Evigan dons her tracksuit bottoms and air force 1s for this sexy, sweaty, rain-filled number. Channing Tatum also makes an “I was like you, but now I’m not, but i’m here to tell you that you can get out of the ghetto too” cameo.
StreetDance 3D
Image: Entertainment One
Same script: An inner-city dance troop looses its rehearsal space and is forced to share a studio in a ballet school. To make matters worse, in exchange for this favour, the street shakers must include ballet dancers in their routines. “Ahh hell no”, we hear them cry. Hell yes. But, not to worry. It's always alright on the night.
Different cast: It’s not American.
Dance Flick
Image: MTV Films
Same script: A mishmash of all movies dance in this humourless spoof.
Different cast: The new generation of Wayans brothers star in this satire. Out with the new and back in with the old we say. Sorry bros. But, note to Hollywood: when a spoof hits the screens, it may be time to call it quits - for a while at least.

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