Sunday, 14 August 2011

Empire Presents Big Screen: Day 2

After the excitement of Friday’s opening day, we were back at the festival on Saturday to see what excitement day 2 would bring us. Could it really get better than apes, centipedes, Dracula and a couple of warriors?

First up on our to-attend list was the Warner Bros. showcase. They delivered some good-looking trailers, including The Dark Knight Rises teaser, the gorily fun opening scene from Final Destination 5, and a video blog from Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit, which focused on the actors playing the dwarves. We moved from 3D gore up to a screening of Wes Craven’s 90s classic horror satire Scream. It was fantastic on the big screen, and there’ll be a full classic review soon.

We then headed off to hear Marvel super artist Adi Granov talk about his work on the Iron Man comic book relaunch, as well as the Iron Man film franchise and upcoming Avengers movie.

We’re all familiar with Tony Stark’s gold and red suit of armour, so it was interesting to hear that for The Avengers, the film’s producer actually wanted a suit that was radically different from what we’ve seen in the Iron Man films. It’s a new franchise, it’s further into the future, and so they wanted that to reflect in the design of the suit. However, upon seeing the new designs that Granov had produced, they changed their minds and decided, not liking the direction in which Granov was going (it included a visible spine!), to stick to what we know and love.

It was all about the music next as we dropped in on composer David Arnold speaking about his scores, including the James Bond soundtracks, Amazing Grace (one of his favourites) and his work with Roland Emmerich, which was followed by a session with the director himself. Stayed tuned for our interview.

We also chatted to the director of the upcoming fantasy mockumentary The Troll Hunter, André Øvredal, who told us that we can expect a lot more great Scandinavian movies in the future now that the region is acquiring the production funds.

The 30 Minutes or Less screening was completely packed out, but we managed to grab a seat at the front. The Jesse Eisenberg/Danny McBride/Aziz Ansari comedy from the director of Zombieland wasn’t perfect but it got big laughs from the audience. It’s dark, crude, and pretty mean, but Eisenberg and Ansari make a great team.

After the film we made a pretty serious attempt to get into the Secret Screening but, even though we were near the front of the queue for those without tickets, we were told there was no room. Obviously we were a little disappointed at missing out – we hear it was a good one – but it was still an eventful day, and it's not over yet. We'll be back tomorrow with the finale report.


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