Monday, 15 August 2011

Empire Presents Big Screen: Third and Final Day

The final day of Empire Big Screen was a much more relaxed affair for the Fohnhouse cats. After two days of showcases, Q&As and interviews with some of Hollywood’s finest, we decided to take it easy for the last day and enjoy the movies instead of listening to or talking about what goes in to making them.

We started of the day with the screening of Dario Argento’s classic giallo Tenebrae. The film was introduced by Argento expert Alan Jones, who told us a couple of choice titbits (Silvio Berlusconi refuses to let the film be shown uncut in Italy as his wife plays a murder victim, Adrien Brody banned Jones from the set of Argento’s last movie Giallo) before the movie started. It’s a masterpiece of the genre and it was great to see it on the big screen.

The day wouldn’t have been complete with at least one interview, and that came in the form of a chat with Monsters director Gareth Edwards, who is on board to direct the Godzilla reboot. It wasn’t a really monster interview, as he really wasn’t allowed to give away any of the dinosaur details, but he did tell us what the most random thing he had on him was: a Fantastic Four Oyster card holder and a limited edition white wristband (produced to raise money for charity) that he started wearing during the production of Monsters and hasn’t taken off since!

Gareth Edwards

After lunch we were back on the movie trail, and started off the afternoon with The Troll Hunter, the Norwegian mockumentary/horror about a student news crew that tags along with a government-funded killer of trolls. With a strong emphasis on dark humour to accompany some tense moments and homemade effects, it’s reminiscent of last year’s Rare Exports and we highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed that film.

It went from trolls to barbarians next as we hopped over to the Superscreen for the European Fans’ premiere of Conan the Barbarian 3D, hosted by the new Conan, Jason Momoa. Sadly the movie wasn’t even half as impressive as the man himself.

After the disappoint of the first premiere of the night, we ended the evening at the UK premiere of Fright Night, also hosted by one of its stars, David Tennant, who popped in to tell us that it was Fright Night! It was a great choice of film to end the event on, a funny, sexy, (slightly) scary crowd-pleaser.

All in all in wasn’t a bad few days. We didn’t see as much as we would have liked, and the movie line-up contained a lot of old and not nearly enough new, but there were some real gems sprinkled in amongst the chaos.


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