Friday, 16 September 2011

You Instead (2011)

Image: Fohnjang Ghebdinga/Fohnhouse

You Instead tells the tale of two musicians, Adam and Morello, who are rapidly handcuffed together at a music festival (T in the Park) in an attempt to stop their squabbling. However, minutes before Morello is due on stage the security guard who cuffed them runs off with the key. With no release in sight, the two war-birds must find a way to make it through the day together, as well as sing a “chained” melody.

After a rocky, unsuccessful first half, in which the duo struggle to create plausible rock star personas and male lead Luke Treadway juggles both British and American accents, You Instead finds its footing. The movie fails to steer clear of the usual rom-com clich├ęs: they meet, they fight, they make up, they make sweet music, but there are a few funny scenes and lines sprinkled in amongst all the festival mud to make you stick with it until the end.

Verdict: The beginning is quite disjointed and stale, but You Instead ultimately turns into a cute festival foray. And while the two leads are watchable, the film actually impresses most during the musical numbers on stage when director David Mackenzie, using big crowd cutaways and strobe lights, totally convinces you that you’re watching rock stars.



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